Did you know you can legally syphon off £614 to £1,822 clear profit every month, using nothing more than your computer, an internet connection, and a handful of very clever rarely used tactics…?

Money for nothing, betting for a living, working your own hours… they’re all pipe dreams, aren’t they? Surely nobody actually does that?

Well, what if at least some of that could be a reality for you? What if you could bet when it suited you, and make a living from it? Impossible? Fantasy? No, actually, it’s not. And in the next few minutes, I’m going to tell you – and, more importantly, show you – why this is now more achievable than you ever thought possible.


My name is Matt Bisogno, and I’ve made my living from sports betting – writing about it, devising systems, and betting on it – for the last eight years. During that time, I’ve met many clever people with various different methods of deriving a living from sports and horse racing.

But perhaps none more so than, bizarrely enough, a guy I’ve known since we were at school together more than thirty years ago! Now, thirty years is a long time, and for most of that time he and I were out of touch… until a couple of years ago when he emailed me.

He told me he’d been reading my newsletters for a while, and one letter in particular had piqued his interest. He followed up on it and, long story short, what he learned is now what he does full time for a living, from anywhere in the world whenever he wants.

Meet Steve Brown...

Meet Steve Brown…

Let me introduce you to Steve Brown, a normal everyday guy who has found a way to make fantastic profits from football betting… even if you don’t like football! And Steve doesn’t: he’s a Bournemouth fan, like me! ;-)

We actually went to school together down in Bournemouth, and we must have spent 1,000 hours playing football in King’s Park, a goal kick away from Dean Court, home of the Cherries. Anyway, I digress.

Steve has had a few professional incarnations in the interim, including working as a petrol pump attendant during fifteen years with BP. I guess you could say that things just didn’t really pan out for him at the right times.

Well, Steve has been interested in football all his life (despite my bad joke earlier), and he’s spent the last four years refining a way of betting on football with very little risk, and the prospects of excellent rewards. So much so in fact that he stopped ‘working for the man’, and has been making a handsome living from his betting since.

That’s all very well, and good luck to Steve. But what’s it got to do with you? Good question, so allow me to explain.

Steve actually started full time trading in 2010 and, since late summer of 2011, he has been working on developing specific strategies to profit from football: strategies that can be used by anyone, and on pretty much any football match around the world.

Under the banner of his excellent website at goalprofits.co.uk, Steve has been quietly showing people like you how to make a living from betting on sports. In fact, he already has a small army of members paying him up to £484 for a year’s access to his service. And why wouldn’t they? After all, it generated profits for them of £3,175, to just £10 stakes… and from just one strategy!

Winning from sports betting in this way is pretty simple, IF you have the right tools and the right strategies. Most people don’t have them, which is why most people don’t win.

There’s more to it than that, of course. Though, in truth, not a whole lot more.

The main problem with people trying to win money from betting, whether it’s football, horse racing, or tiddlywinks, is that they try to win too much too soon. In other words, they are greedy. I admit it, I love the thrill of a big winner, and a lot of my horse racing betting is on horses at decent odds. They mostly lose, but – because I’ve become quite good at identifying value – I come out in front over the long term.

With Steve’s approach, many, many more bets win; and even when the result goes against him, his position is covered so he enjoys a ‘soft landing’. That’s the beauty of it, really, that soft landing when things don’t go your way. It’s a bit like how the major institutions trade the stock market.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Here’s a ‘normal’ example of a Betfair screen when someone’s made a football bet.

One win prospect, two loss prospects

One win prospect, two loss prospects

Notice how one outcome is green – meaning profit – and the other two are red, meaning a loss.

Now take a look at one of Steve’s recent trades:

All green, All profit prospects!

All green, All profit prospects!

Notice how this time, all of the possible outcomes are green, meaning Steve makes a profit whatever happens. In this case, the game finished 2-2, which was one of the better possible scores.

Here’s another…

More green. More profit.

More green. More profit.

And another… This time note how there are two red scores, but the odds available are 1000, meaning that score is already impossible (because the away team has already scored).

Yet another guaranteed profit...

Yet another guaranteed profit…

See how they’ve all got green – i.e. profit – for all outcomes? Also note how we’re not talking millions here. Rather, the profits are realistic and repeatable, time and time again. And the possible downside is very tightly managed, as you can see.

This is how Steve has been making his profits from trading football games. He has a number of killer strategies he adopts and, I’m delighted to say, he’s agreed to personally show you step-by-step how you can do this too.

WARNING: Gratuitous Imagery Alert!

Together with his trading partner, also called Steve (nice and easy to remember!), Steve will be showing you everything you need to know to go from novice or newbie to ‘going pro’ in less than twelve months.

Here’s how that might look for a typical beginner trader with Steve’s support:

Month 1 – Learn the ropes and get a feel for the approach, trading to small stakes, and looking to get the hang of things. You’ll be fully supported by Steve and Steve during this time (and indeed for a whole year).

A fancy car from trading profits?

A fancy car from trading profits?

Month 2-4 – Depending on how quickly you pick things up (always remember, it’s not a race: there’s plenty to go round!), in this period you can expect to start making a nice bit of pocket money – say £200 to £300 each month. If driving is your thing, that could actually equate to a brand new Mercedes C Class Coupe.

Month 3-6 – Perhaps as early as month 3, perhaps a little later, you can start ratcheting things up a little, using the expertise you’ve built up in your early months of trading. This might involve more trades, or a slightly bigger stake per trade – your choice – but you might plan to be making north of £500 a month by this time. Naturally, if you don’t want to bet more matches or increase stakes, you can simply carry on taking your £200 to £300 profit per month.

£500 a month would be enough to pay the mortgage on a second (or perhaps first) home in Tenerife, such as the one situated close to the beach below.

Pay the monthly on a holiday home...

Pay the monthly on a holiday home…

Month 7+ – This is where you’ll most likely have a decision to make. If you’ve already reached a level that you’re happy with, creaming off somewhere between £200 and £500 a month from your part-time trading, then that’s fine. Keep on keeping on!

But if you’d like to ‘go pro’, then this is where you start scaling your trading operation. More trades, enhanced staking, same money management. By the end of your first year, you’ll have expanded your comfort zone to trade more aggressively and confidently, and could be raking in upwards of £1,500 a month.

I’ll leave it up to you to imagine how you’d spend that, but it could well cover your monthly outgoings and leave you with something to spare for the luxuries above.

Buying a Merc or a holiday villa outright are not realistic short-term possibilities with this. But covering the repayments on them is, and that amounts to the same thing: a little bit of what you thought you couldn’t afford enters the realms of affordability.

Reality Check!

Now, let me sound a quick note of caution here. These bigger numbers are lovely to look at and they are perfectly achievable. But do keep in mind the cause of most bettors’ failure to make money: greed. It is super-important to respect the learning/experience curve, and to work your way through the stages outlined above.

This opportunity is not going anywhere, and there are no prizes for being the first to reach the ‘advanced’ stage. Rather, everyone who takes the time to grasp the concepts wins a prize. That’s one of the beauties of this.

So why am I talking about football trading so late in the season? That’s a bit odd, right? Well, actually, no it’s not. You see, football is – as you know – an international sport. And, because of climate and time differences, it means there are games to trade pretty much 24/7 365 days a year. So there will most likely be a game to get involved in at the time when you want to be involved.

No having to be by your computer at a specific time. No reliance on betting in the English or Scottish Leagues. No problem if you only have a bit of time twice a week.

You can use this whenever it suits you, as often as it suits you. And you can start your trading with as little as £2 stakes.

Here’s how this works….

Step 1: Find a trade

Log on to the custom-built team stats website, with it’s complex calculation software whirring in the background, and find a trading opportunity from over FIFTY leagues around the world. The software will pinpoint the best games, and the best ways to trade them.

Step 2: Enter the trade

Set things up before the match starts (or matches, if you’re playing more than one in parallel – Steve sometimes trades six at the same time!).

Step 3a: Wait for something to happen…

Now we just wait for a goal to be scored, a player to be sent off, count the number of corners… whatever it is we’re playing, and then make a couple of clicks. That’s it: we’ve changed our position and, in some instances, that will be all we need to do to lock in a profit.

Step 3b: Wait for something else to happen…

If we’ve not already banked our profit in Step 3a above, we might be waiting on a second thing to happen. Perhaps another goal, or the half-time whistle, or a few more corners. Whatever it is, a few more clicks and we’re in the green zone. (Remember, green equals profit!)

Step 4That’s it. The key to making this work for you is not to be greedy. We’ll be eating little and often: a regular diet of small wins, whenever you feel ‘hungry’ (i.e. have time to trade).

Oh yes, I almost forgot, while your trades are running, you can be doing the ironing, watching telly, having dinner, or even be in the pub if you’ve got everything set up on a smart phone.

This really is a fantastically liberating opportunity. Imagine having a pint with a friend, and your phone beeps to tell you that Team A has scored. You excuse yourself briefly and, thirty seconds later, you’re showing him this screen full of green numbers.

Your friend probably won’t ‘get it’ when you tell him you’re guaranteed to make a profit whatever happens, and his next question will almost certainly be, “Eh? How?!”

That’s the thing with this. It’s a really simple concept available to everyone. But almost nobody is doing it. This is your chance to make a nice sideline income… and perhaps even ‘go pro’ in time… while the rest of the world is rubbing the sleep from its eyes and playing catch up.

So what has all this has got to do with you?

Well, the reason we’re looking for just a handful of serious individuals who Steve can personally coach to follow his methods is that it opens the door to us both getting on

You see, we’ve decided to make this opportunity ultra-affordable for this first session only, because we need your help.

Here’s what I mean. I know Steve is an amazing sports trader. He knows he’s an amazing sports trader (though he’d never admit to such a thing!). And we want you to discover this too, by becoming an amazing sports trader yourself.

So… if Steve can show you, as one of his Gold Package members, how he takes a match and plays it for PROFIT… and help you to do exactly the same…

… then you can start doing what he does, and as your trading grows we’ll be asking you for a testimonial. It’s nothing really, just a few sentences about how Steve showed you a way to make money from betting on football, without the usual risk of losing your stakes if you choose the wrong team.

Why are we asking for this? Simple. We want to show other people how to do what you’re going to learn how to do… how to make money from betting on sports, whether you’re into it or not.

And in order to do that, we would like to have a few case studies to show how the strategies – along with the personal mentoring support – took you from novice or newbie (or perhaps even previously failed trader) to profitable part-time sports trader.

In exchange for your commitment to do that for us, we’ll give you a HUGE DISCOUNT on the programme. More on that in a second.

Which brings me onto how you can become one of Steve’s private group of Gold Package clients…

Firstly, let me just remind you of what I said at the start of this letter…

If you decide to join him in this potentially life-changing opportunity, to actually have a highly successful and experienced expert in your corner, helping you – someone who actually ‘walks the walk’ as it were – then it’s going to mean that Steve will be investing a lot of time and effort to work closely with you… and if you haven’t got the right mindset for success, then that’s going to be no good for either of you.

Obviously, this is a fantastic opportunity but unfortunately this type of ‘deal’ tends to attract every Tom, Dick and Sally, including those who just think that it is going to be an easy ride (… as well as those who are merely curious, and unfortunately those who are just going to flat out waste his time).

So, to make this the incredible success that I KNOW it is going to be, we need individuals who will actually DO what Steve’s going to show them (it’s not difficult, but you will have to do some of the ‘work’ in learning how to profit from this), and not just sit on it and become one of those statistics who never take any action and therefore never succeed in making any decent money – and creating an amazing lifestyle – from the internet.

Here’s what Steve (and Steve) have got for you…

By now, I hope that you’re excited about the possibilities that this opportunity presents, and the changes to your life it could support. So it’s a good time for me to outline exactly what Steve B and Steve T are proposing for you. The Steve’s are wholly committed to your success, which is why their offer is so comprehensive.

Firstly, you’ll meet with them both – live and in person – at a plush venue in Central Manchester. There, you’ll spend a day in a very small group (absolute limit of fifteen people, because they want to be sure everybody gets the personal support they need) learning about this opportunity, and seeing live examples of four specific strategies.

Keep in mind that just one method Steve B shared with his members netted £3,175 for just £10 stakes in a single year. And you can see from the graph below how steadily and consistently those profits were achieved.

See how Steve's trading profits have grown

See how Steve’s trading profits have grown

He’ll show you that strategy in its entirety, but will also introduce you to three other strategies that he and Steve have been personally perfecting, some of which are known to less than a dozen people!

And, of course, they won’t neglect the basics, either. If you’re new to this, you actually have the most to gain. Steve B will be explaining what the concept of value means in football trading, and exactly how you can work out if you’re making a good bet or a bad one. That one small session is worth its weight in gold, let alone the very fair price of this package.

For what I hope are obvious reasons, I can’t go into explicit detail here on the four strategies, but I can tell you that they’re all designed to be as simple to use, and to offer you as many trading opportunities, as possible.

It will be a long day, in very comfortable surroundings, with all refreshments catered for. You’ll have the chance to meet like-minded individuals and ask as many questions as you need to.

But this is more than ‘just’ a potentially life-changing seminar. Much more, in fact.

Too many seminars and workshops promise to teach you everything, but then leave you flying solo the minute you leave the room. Not this one.

As well as a full day learning the outline, and being walked through – trade by trade – the different strategies, you’ll also have full access to Steve and Steve for an entire year.

This covers email support, plus real time chat room help. But also, as a one off special for this group, the Steve’s will be offering three half-an-hour phone calls (using Skype) to be used whenever you need, to talk through something that might have gone wrong, or a trade setup you’re not sure about, or just to discuss your overall progress. They both know that sometimes email or text chat just isn’t enough to get to the bottom of a particular question or issue you might have. These calls will remedy the situation in short order.

So far, you’ll be in possession of the techniques and support to enable you to trade confidently across as many or as few of the quintet of strategies as you want. But the guys want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right trades as well.

One of the things they’ve been working on is a really cool piece of tech wizardry called ‘Team Statistics’, which is one of the core elements of the Goal Profits membership. You will be given full access to this as part of your complimentary Annual Membership to Goal Profits.

And don’t worry, it’s been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. If you can work email, you’ll be able to work this. Because it works through the internet, there’s nothing to download, nothing to install, and no Mac compatibility issues! That web software on its own has a £484 value.

Collectively, the Steve’s believe they have every angle covered: all the tools, techniques, help and support you could possibly need to make exciting profits from sports trading, and perhaps even give up your day job in six to twelve months.

That was a dream for Steve just four years ago, and now it’s a reality. There’s nothing special about him, except a determination to learn from his early mistakes and to make his trading work. With practice, he’s now a free man: free to trade when he wants, for as long as he wants, and from where he wants.

We’re not talking about millions here. This is not some fantasy programme with no chance of you making it a reality. Those images of a car and a second home by the sea are actually a lot more affordable than most people realise. And this opportunity will bring them inside touching distance. You just need to reach out for them.

Of course, you might have more ‘every day’ plans for your profits. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you trust yourself – along with the support from Steve and Steve – to give this a proper go. If you do, I’m certain you’ll benefit financially from it.

In fact, I’m so certain that I’ve persuaded the Steve’s to offer you an incredible guarantee. More of that in a minute. First, let me summarize what you get when you enrol on this programme, and run through a few ‘entry criteria’ which are designed to help you decide if this is for you.

Do You Qualify?

Please read through the following ‘Personality Assessment’ to see if you’re right for this, and if this is right for you…

“It sounds really good Matt, but I can only commit a couple of hours a week to it…”

If you can only commit two hours per week to this, and even then not in the third week in the month, then, to be honest, it’s probably going to take you quite a long time to get anywhere.

This is NOT a ‘get rich quick bizopp’ or a franchise. This is ‘best of breed’ knowledge, support and tools. In order to benefit from this, you should be prepared to commit a few hours each weekend (say, three on either Saturday or Sunday), and the odd evening here and there.

You can get on with less of a time commitment but, like I say, it would probably take quite a long time to achieve your profit goals.

“I have limited experience of the internet, and little or no trading knowledge. Can I still do this?”

You’re a perfect candidate, with this proviso – you will need to spend a bit of time getting up to speed with some of the concepts at the start. It’s not difficult, it’ll just be new. And in newness comes an initial learning curve. Like I say, nothing scary, but you need to be aware of that, and prepared for it.

“I’ve traded a bit, but never really got anywhere with it…”

Welcome, friend, this is the place for you.

I’m retired, or a ‘stay at home’ parent, and free time is one thing I do have…”

Good news! We can turn that ‘free time’ into ‘paid time’!

I’m really, really committed and will do whatever it takes to make this work…”

You’re the kind of person Steve wants in his group. Commitment and action-taking trumps everything else, every time.


If you’re still with me, great! Let me tell you more…

Tell me, what exactly is the Goal Profits Gold Package?

I’ll come to that in a second but first, let me just assure you that there’s absolutely nothing difficult about ANYTHING Steve does that brings in these incredible returns.

You need no previous experience or technical knowledge, and even if you’ve never done anything like this before, with the training materials he’s got for you… I PROMISE YOU THAT THIS STUFF IS SO STRAIGHT FORWARD …

Steve was a frustrated petrol station employee, don’t forget!!!

Let me just give you a rundown of some of the amazing benefits that make this opportunity so simple… so enjoyable… and ultimately so profitable…

#1 This is a business where potential opportunities to profit are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year! I expect you already know that you can bet pretty much whenever you like… the only difference is that what Steve does usually involves little risk, and will work whenever you have time to operate it. 
#2 There are no outrageous expenses or start-up costs… Yes, you can run this from a spare room in your house, or even your kitchen table (like Steve did for a year and a half) if you like. There’s no need for expensive fancy premises, and you certainly don’t need any staff or extra kit. You will need a starting bank, ideally £2,000, though you’ll never be risking more than 1.5% of your bank. We’ll even show you how to build a bank of £1,000 through risk-free matched betting!
#3 You DON’T need any technical skills! This is not difficult, but there is a knack to it. Steve will show you the knack, and he’ll work with you until you know it off by heart.
#4 You can do this from anywhere in the world, from Day One! Steve is a big fan of globe-trotting… and when he has his trusty laptop with him, he can work from wherever he is on the planet. You too can ‘work’ from anywhere in the world with this.
#5 You will be working directly with Steve, on a one to one basis… After you’ve been shown everything you need to get started, Steve will be providing ongoing mentoring and support that is based on your questions and needs, and is specific to you. This involves HANDS ON time invested in your trading by Steve so you can get the most out of this…


Right, I’m sure you’re dying to know what this is all about, so let me give you all of the details…

Steve is looking to take a small group of individuals and offer you the opportunity to become one of just fifteen exclusive Gold clients… to mentor you personally… and consequently show you what he believes to be the quickest way to make a part-time income from sports betting that matches – or betters – your full-time income… online.

But before I get into it, let me just tell you why being PERSONALLY mentored by Steve is so much more likely to lead YOU to success online and, ultimately, to get YOU much closer to the LIFESTYLE OF YOUR DREAMS than anything else out there.

You see, this isn’t just one of those ridiculous programmes full of empty promises showing you how to make money, just to make money (you know the kind of ‘Get Rich Quick’ systems I’m talking about, usually being sold by people who’ve never made any money from betting and wouldn’t have a clue how to teach you how to do it either).

What Steve will be showing you is WHAT HE ACTUALLY DOES HIMSELF that enables him to regularly make these excellent returns.. and having already banked those sums in the last four years, it means he’s not only suitably qualified to show you the real deal, but he can show it to you from a fantastic ‘hands on’ perspective…

Steve figures if he’s bringing in £400 to £2,000 a month, and occasionally up to £3,200 in a month from trading, then YOU should at least expect to be pulling in £200 to £500 a month part-time, within half a year or so with him helping you!

Right, if you’ve read this far and reckon you’re a good fit to join this exclusive handful of Gold clients, then let me tell you what you’re going to get when you register.

Here’s what you’ll get:

venueKey Element #1:

Attendance at the Live Training Event to be held in Central Manchester (Value: £1,497)

You’re cordially invited to join Steve B and Steve T in the heart of Central Manchester on Sunday 23rd February where you will learn step-by-step the intimate workings of those automated ‘money machines’.

In these plush surroundings, the Steve’s will show you the methods they use to make a fantastic living from the sport they love, and more importantly, they’ll show you how you can too.

This will be your first exposure to their awesome, and closely guarded, techniques.

Team Stats in actionKey Element #2:

Total Access to Goal Profits, including Team Stats, for a full year (Value: £484)

As soon as the live session is over, you’ll be able to access everything inside the Goal Profits members’ area, including the very special Team Statistics package, and a full library of ‘beginners’ videos to help you familiarise with the concepts you’ll be using.

The resources in the Goal Profits library will have you making profitable trades in next to no time, once you’ve been through the live training, even if you’re completely new to this opportunity.

actionplnKey Element #3:

Your Quick Start Action Plan (Value: £197)

This short document will form the backbone of your trading activities. It references all of the other resources and tools that Steve and Steve are going to share with you, and shows you the exact steps to follow that will keep you totally on track throughout your first few months’ trading.

This is the very same reference manual that Steve B used himself for creating a highly successful trading platform that pulls in tens of thousands of pounds a month for him and his members.

If you’re ever unsure about what to do, check the Quick Start report for the answer, and you’ll be back on track, pronto!

mentoringKey Element #4:

Personal Mentoring for a Full Year (Value: £997)

As I hope you can see, Steve B and Steve T are totally invested and committed to the success of their Gold Programme delegates, and this extends far beyond the first class training and proven money-getting tools and techniques they’re sharing.

To demonstrate their commitment, they’re offering attendees access to their personal contact details so that they can continue to extend you the very best support available. It’s unlikely you’ll encounter a situation that they haven’t previously encountered, so get in touch and let them walk – and talk – you through it, based on their own experiences.

Steve B has personally paid over £3,000 specifically for trading mentoring over the past four years, and I know he considers it worth every single penny.

FreeBetsBonus Element:

How To Make £1,000+ Risk Free in the next 60 days (Value: £1,000+)

If you don’t already have accounts with all of the bookmakers, this bonus element will show you how to use bookie free bets to make guaranteed cash. It’s quite simple once you get your head around it, and both Steve and I – as well as hundreds of other people – have already ‘played this game’. This could be the perfect way to build your trading bank, absolutely risk-free.

Having an experienced operator in your corner really does make
the difference between success and failure.

And that’s precisely what you will have, for a full twelve months. As I think you can see, this is an incredibly comprehensive programme, and for the right people, it WILL take them into the wonderful world of healthy trading profits, and the lifestyle that accompanies that.

The cumulative value of those four key elements is £3,175, exactly the same as the profit achieved by Steve’s followers from just one trading angle. And that’s excluding the bonus!

If you have a few hours each week you can set aside, at a time that suits you… if you’re willing to put in a little effort… and if you can follow simple instructions, I guarantee YOU’LL BE DELIGHTED with the outcome…

Okay, I’m sure you’re itching to know how you can become one of Steve’s Gold clients. Now, in the right hands, the information in this package is easily worth £3,000+, as it is that powerful. You could expect to make that much in your first year, and at least the same again in subsequent years.  These strategies are those rare items that are literally worth their weight in gold.

But, on the other hand, I’m only too aware that, for many people, getting their hands on £3,000 at short notice would be quite difficult… Even though the training and support package is outstanding, until you’ve actually started with it and you can see for yourself what an amazing system this is, at this price I also understand that many people would have to miss out… And, from a selfish point of view, that also means Steve will miss out on potentially some of the best traders and their case studies…

Which is why we’ve come up with a clever solution that I think you’ll agree will be mutually beneficial for both of us…

Now, in order to become one of Steve’s Gold clients, I’m sure you realise there has to be a bit of commitment on your part… if Steve is going to be investing his time and effort into YOUR success, then he wants to know that you’ll be taking this seriously… fair enough, right?

Which is why, if you want to take this opportunity to the next level, you’ll need to click the ‘Add to Cart’ button as soon as you can, to guarantee your spot. There are only 15 people (as an absolute maximum) that he wants to work with on this, so you need to act fast.

However, I want you to be completely happy before you decide to join his Gold group so, for your peace of mind, we don’t want you to pay the £3,000 that the package is conservatively valued at…

Instead we’ve decided to make this as accessible (and affordable) as we can. Now the price we’ve come up with that we think is the fairest to all of us, is £697 (plus VAT) and although this goes nowhere near to covering the true value of the programme, we’re gambling that by working with the RIGHT people, we will be able to get MUCH better case studies (and have more FUN with our members) than if we restricted things by price.


Remember, the training day alone INCLUDES ABSOLUTELY EVERY piece of information, tool and resource that you’ll need to make hundreds of pounds a month in profit…

So let me just briefly remind you what you’ll be getting…

  • Full unfettered ‘access all areas’ membership to Goal Profits, worth £484 a year
  • Meet with the Steve’s at a live training event in Manchester, where they’ll personally show you everything about their trading, and in particular the four core strategies from which they make their living
  • A Quick Start Action Plan, designed to get you up and running right away
  • A bulging library of online resources, including Team Stats, videos, hot internet links, manuals and more…
  • Personal mentoring for a full year from Steve B. Whatever situation you’re in, it’s likely he’s been there before and has a good idea what to do next. So ask him…

Plus so much more…

As I said previously, if we’re going to work together, I want you to be completely delighted and absolutely sure that this will work for you.

For your peace of mind, and because I’m so certain in Steve’s ability to help you deliver your business, I insist on doing something that I’ve not seen done before with this kind of ‘high ticket deal’… I will only offer you this on the basis that if you work through the steps with Steve and actually *DO* this, and you make less than double your investment in the year, you can have all your money back!

Yes, of course you’ve seen money back guarantees on those ‘cheaper’ products where the real information is held back so you have to spend more to get the ‘good stuff’, which is way too valuable to have people copy it and then claim their money back.

But we’re so proud of what we’ve put together here… and we’re so confident that when you see the quality of the training, as well as having the prospect of working directly with Steve, one of the best traders in the game that you’ll be delighted… that I’m prepared to make you that ‘no-brainer fair’ offer:


Apply the training Steve is going to share with you, use the tools and resources that are a part of his Gold programme, and take advantage of his mentoring, coaching and support for a full year.

During that time, if you don’t make at least DOUBLE your investment, then he’s failed in his commitment to you, and we will return every penny of your initial investment.

I know this programme can really change your life, if you’re prepared to work with us to make that happen, and the training materials alone will give you all the information you need to create a life-changing extra income stream. But I realise that we need to do something extra special to put the risk on us to deliver.

That’s why we’re happy to offer you this wrought-iron pledge (it’s more than just a guarantee). To reiterate, I want you to work with Steve for a year, during which time I’m confident you’ll make many times your initial investment, and be armed with a tool set and killer methods that will enable you to go on making vast profits online every year thereafter.

In other words, you can apply today…


If you’ve dreamed of living a TRULY FREE LIFESTYLE, where you don’t have to worry about bills… and you can spend time with your family whenever you choose… then please do take this opportunity with the utmost seriousness

If you feel enthusiastic about this opportunity and you’re prepared to put in some effort, but you know you need a little direction, then we want to hear from you, because this really is a unique chance to use Steve’s expert knowledge for your gain.

…and it’s almost certainly the easiest way for you to quit the day job within the next six to twelve months!

Don’t forget, this is probably the best supported ‘become a trader’ income generator programme available, and I’m proud to offer you the chance to work with Steve, using his proven (and widely respected) trading methods.

Now, along with all of these guaranteed benefits, realistically, some things are going to happen which are just inevitable once we’re working together… for example, when you start banking decent trades, I expect that you’ll have got to know each other well enough that it’s just a matter of picking up the phone or dropping Steve an email, to discuss the finer points of any new trading angles that you could be working on together in the future…

So there it is. I can pretty much promise that you’ll NEVER get a better opportunity to benefit from someone who’s already ‘walking the walk’ and living a fantastic lifestyle… one that Steve couldn’t have imagined just four years ago when he started out doing this (and was still chained firmly to that petrol pump!)

Ask yourself, seriously, where do you want to be in a year from now…?

Steve has a fantastic life now… he chooses what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, and his life is pretty much STRESS FREE these days. Yours can be too

You really have nothing to lose by applying today and just giving this a go… you’ll soon prove to yourself that everything I’ve said is true, and if after working through the Quick Start Plan, and getting Steve’s expert insight every step of the way, you can’t make the kind of money I’ve been talking about here over the course of the year… we’ll give you your investment back. (You won’t find that offer anywhere else, I’m sure!)

I hope you can see that this may well be the best opportunity to finally experience a truly free lifestyle from betting you’re likely to get… especially when it’s so clearly in Steve’s interests to sit down and help you personally!


So there we are. What more can I say?

In life, as I’m sure you know, we get what we decide to give ourselves… sometimes for years to come. If you really want a different life… a more fulfilling life…  then you need to make a decision.

It’s a decision that will almost certainly shape your life over the next twelve months, and one which Steve and I believe will open up avenues and opportunities that you might have believed only happened to other people Steve thought that once too, not so very long ago…

The decision he made took him from – literally – a petrol station forecourt, a boss, a modest salary, a ‘making ends meet’ existence…

… to an enviable lifestyle, where he ‘works’ when he wants, and with whom he chooses, when he likes.

It was a leap of faith for him at the start He was asked to invest £3,000 to attend a similar training event (which, by the way, was excellent… though not nearly so comprehensive as that which he’s offering here!)

He decided that it was ‘better to have loved and lost’, and he jumped aboard. Long story short, a while later he quit his day job.

Only you can decide whether to make this leap of faith. I sincerely hope you make the right decision for you … and I sincerely hope you join us on what could be a life-changing programme of opportunity.

If you genuinely want more out of life, you’ve got to start doing a few things a little differently… as you know Steve did just that a very few years ago. When I spoke to him about it at the weekend, he just couldn’t believe what an incredible life he has now, even though he was – naturally – extremely apprehensive when he decided to invest that large sum for the training event which changed everything for him.

Steve and I both know that apprehension, we’ve been there. But, as the saying goes, we both decided to ‘feel the fear, and do it anyway‘ in our respective online endeavours. And we’ve never looked back.

The point is that all this really is possible when you allow yourself to take a chance, to invest in yourself, in your future.

Now you have what is a fantastic and unique chance to know for sure that you can do this with NO RISK WHATSOEVER. You can carry on your current life, and do this part time. Then, when you’re making as much (or more) than your current income, it might be time to give your boss the bird…!

Steve is personally investing so much time and energy into this Programme… into working with the right people. Because, as he sees it, it’s an investment in our collective future and – without getting too ‘precious’ - it’s an investment back into the community that has looked after him so well over the last four years.

Steve is only one man and he can only work one-on-one with a limited number of people. He’s decided that the absolute maximum he will work with is just 15 motivated individuals

This isn’t your typical sales hype… do the maths. If you all bring your determination to the table and work to achieve what is eminently possible… to achieve that enhanced lifestyle you’ve dreamed about… then you’re going to keep him pretty busy!

And that’s what he’s banking on…!

So realistically this offer won’t be around for too long… The only other time Steve did anything like this, it sold out in less than 48 hours! So I strongly suggest you APPLY TODAY to be sure of your spot…

Once the fifteen spots are snapped up, the doors close, the ‘sold out’ sign goes up, and that’s it. Again, it’s not sales hype. He has only enough coaching space for 15 people.

So please don’t miss out by putting it off…

Remember, if you carry on doing what you do now, it’s inevitable that you’ll carry on getting what you get now. In fact, someone smarter than me once defined ‘insanity’ as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result!

But you can start to enjoy a different result… a new life… a better life… today. Click the button below to register for Steve’s life-changing seminar, and we look forward to meeting you in just a few days’ time, on Sunday 23rd February, and helping you on your road to freedom.


As soon as we process your application (please allow a few hours for this, as we’re sure to be busy dealing with questions/submissions), I’ll send you details of the live training event. From there, you’ll get full access to the online resource library. I know you’ll be itching to get on, and you’ll be able to as soon as the live event has finished.

As I said earlier, you’ll be using the same tools that Steve himself uses to make thousands in profit every month. Between him and his ‘normal’ members, they’ve generated nigh on £1,000,000 in trading profits!

But let me just remind you that he only has so many hours in the day to work with other people, so as soon as we reach 15 approved applicationswe cannot even consider applicant number 16.

Realistically, you’ve got less than 48 hours… quite possibly less… If you want to be sure to get on board, you need to decide right now or in the very near future.

And to make this as affordable as I possibly can, Steve has agreed to include a three-pay option, so you can spread your investment over three instalments. You’ll pay just £267 + VAT today, and the same amount in 30 and 60 days from now. If you’ve got the passion and desire to succeed, I want you to be a part of this.


At this point, it merely remains for me to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read through this letter. I know it was very long, but we felt it was really important to give you as much information as we possibly could, so that you can decide whether you’re ready to make a genuinely life-changing decision, on a risk-free basis.

Whatever you decide, we wish you every success… and if you decide to move forward with this, we look forward to welcoming you on the 23rd February, and working together on your first trades!


Steve Brown / Matt Bisogno

P.S. Remember this is a risk-free opportunity and Steve promises to work with you for a full year whilst you apply the methods and techniques he’s going to show you, on your business.

P.P.S. This offer is unlikely be around for long… there is a strict limit of 15 individuals that he can work with on this. As soon as we reach that number, we’ll have to politely decline all subsequent applications.

P.P.P.S. I can’t be certain, but I estimate you have around 48 hours to make a decision. If I’m wrong, and Steve sells out sooner, then please accept our apologies. The only way you can be sure to get on board is to click the button below (if it is still displaying – if it isn’t we’ve sold out, and I’m sorry you missed out).


Should you have any questions or queries that were not answered in the letter then, of course, please do email us. You can contact us at info@geegeez.co.uk



  • Meet with the Steve’s at a live training event in Manchester, where they’ll personally show you everything about their trading, and in particular the four core strategies from which they make their living
  • Full unfettered ‘access all areas’ membership to Goal Profits, worth £484 a year
  • A Quick Start Action Plan, designed to get you up and running straight after we’ve met
  • A bulging library of online resources, including videos, hot internet links, manuals and more…
  • Personal mentoring for a full year from Steve B. Whatever situation you’re in, it’s likely he’s been there before and has a good idea what to do next. So ask him…



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